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Topsham Homeopathy Practice in Topsham

Working Together

Starting your homeopathic journey

Your first consultation will take 90 minutes – 2 hours (one hour for children) in my peaceful and comfortable clinic. It is an opportunity to talk in depth about your complaints and their effect on your life – allowing me to understand the story of your illness, your deeper symptoms and to gather all the information I need to prescribe for you. Except for in exceptional circumstances everything you tell me in a consultation remains completely confidential.

You will receive your remedy either at the end of the consultation or in the following days.

Further appointments and keeping in touch

Shortly after you start taking your remedy I will ask you to give me feedback by email or phone so that I can check how you are responding. Because a remedy is so individual to you I may adjust it’s strength or change it for you. I encourage you to keep in contact because I find that working together is a key part of keeping good progress going. Those who take an active part in the process have the best outcomes!

Follow-up appointments for adults and children are arranged for 2 -4 week’s time with intervals becoming greater as your health improves. These take up to an hour. They are important in evaluating changes in your symptoms and making decisions about the next stage of treatment. For you they can be a space in your life for valuable reflection and insight as your journey progresses. The number of appointments you will need depends upon the complexity, depth and length of your illness – it will be individual to you, but I can give you an idea after the first consultation.

Committing to a course of homeopathy means you will receive maximum benefit. After that, many people like to return for treatment when they feel the need so that any problems can be sorted quickly before they can develop.

My availability

I offer face to face consultations at my clinic Mondays – Fridays including after-school and evening slots. Saturday mornings are by arrangement. I also offer online or WhatsApp consultations. Contact me to make an appointment.



You are welcome to call me free of charge if you would like to discuss your illness, ask questions about homeopathy or decide if I am the right practitioner for you.

Adult First Consultation £70 ; Follow-up Consultation £50

Child (under 16) First Consultation £50 ; Follow – up Consultation £40

Fees include prescription remedies for a month and emails and phone calls between appointments. I may charge you if I need to order a remedy and/or for post and packing

Telephone or Zoom Consultations for Acute Illness (eg flu, an injury, an earache…) £25 – £40 plus remedies, p &p

Repeat prescription or additional remedies without appointment £10 – £20

Payment is by BACS, card, cash or cheque in advance of the appointment or at the end of the appointment please.


Medical Insurance

If you have private medical insurance you may be able to claim towards the cost of your homeopathic treatment – please check with your insurance provider for eligibility. BHSF is a not for profit insurance company who includes homeopathy within their health insurance policy.

Cancellation Policy

You are welcome to change your appointment but please give me a minimum of 2 working days notice. Unfortunately I will need to charge you the full fee for late cancellations or missed appointments to cover my costs.

Confidentiality and Privacy

I hold your confidentiality in the highest regard. Everything you tell me in a consultation is confidential except in extraordinary circumstances. I also make sure that I keep paper notes in a lockable cabinet and email addresses and phone numbers in password protected files. I need to communicate with you during your treatment and ask for your signed consent to do so in order to comply with data protection regulations (GDPR).

I will never share your information

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