Working Together

What to expect

You will be welcomed to my practice.

When you make your appointment I will email you my introductory letter and forms to complete for my records.

The consultation takes place in my comfortable and peaceful clinic where you will have plenty of time to talk about your health and how you are affected by your symptoms. You will be listened to carefully and without judgement. I ask questions that seek to understand your deeper symptoms (your inner energetic pattern) and how you experience your life so that I can prescribe treatment that will suit you well.

Most people enjoy and value the consultation, finding it an opportunity to express and explore their issues. Everything you tell me remains completely confidential.


I have toys and drawing equipment available for children who are also given plenty of time in a relaxed and friendly setting. Together, parent(s) and child are able to communicate all their concerns, history and details. It is often helpful for me to know how the mother experienced the pregnancy and birth. If there is anything you want to tell me but prefer not to say in front of your child, you are welcome to talk to me on the phone or send me an email in advance.

I will make a prescription for you after thinking carefully about what you need. This may be at the end of the consultation or shortly afterwards and you will receive your remedy in the post. I will give you clear, written instructions on how to take it.

A homeopathic remedy sets off a healing journey, stimulating and supporting your body to restore its health naturally. How quickly you get better depends on your vitality, your age and how unwell you have become.


Follow Up Appointments

Follow-up appointments are usually monthly to start with, with longer intervals as your health improves. The information you give me about changes that have occurred allow me to make decisions for the next stage in your treatment. Follow-ups for you can be valuable time where you may gain some insights and reflect on your life and your changing health.

Because I encourage you to keep in contact with me between appointments, you are always able to discuss any concerns that may arise. I am always happy to explain the homeopathic approach.


Virtual Consultations

I offer virtual consultations via Zoom or WhatsApp and can usually accommodate your time zone.

You will need a quiet and private space where you will be undisturbed and bear in mind that noise or an unstable connection will affect the quality of the consultation.


My Availability

I keep a flexible week (Monday – Friday) so that I can accommodate after-school or evening slots. Saturday morning appointments are by arrangement. I am contactable by email, WhatsApp, Facebook message, text and phone call. You may contact me at the weekends if you have an emergency.



Adult First Consultation



Follow Up Appointment



Children (Under 16)



Acute Consultation by Phone

(for an emergency, injury, flu, earache, toothache etc. ) £50


Repeat Prescription without a Consultation


I may charge you for:

  • A remedy that needs to be specially ordered and sent from a pharmacy.
  • Post and packing

Payment for your first consultation is in advance please via direct debit or paypal (details will be given when you contact me).

Otherwise, payment is on the day of your appointment. I accept bank transfer, cash, cheque or card.

The first consultation will take 90 – 120 minutes (60 minutes for children). Follow-up appointments are up to 60 minutes (45 minutes for children), usually at 4 weekly intervals.

Included in the fee are :

  • All remedies for a month
  • Ongoing support between appointments
  • Postage and packing of first prescriptions

Clients who use a not-for-profit health insurance company are reimbursed part of the cost of ongoing treatment.


Cancellation Policy

You are welcome to change your appointment but please give me a minimum of 2 working days notice. Unfortunately I will need to charge you for late cancellations to cover my costs. Missed appointments without notice are charged at full fee.

Confidentiality and Privacy

I hold your confidentiality in the highest regard. Everything you tell me in a consultation is confidential except in extraordinary circumstances. I also make sure that I keep paper notes in a lockable cabinet and email addresses and phone numbers in password protected files. I need to communicate with you during your treatment and ask for your signed consent to do so in order to comply with data protection regulations (GDPR). I will never share your information

“I have been interested in homeopathy for many years and so have periodically taken both my children for treatment since they were small, to great effect. Cath Sleigh has been their homeopathic practitioner for the last 5-6 years. I am always delighted and amazed by the results, whether they are being treated for physical symptoms like hay fever and eczema, or symptoms on a more mental and emotional level.Cath has a very gentle and kindly approach with a real talent for discerning the right remedy, and I’m really grateful to have had Cath’s help to enable my children to make healthy transitions in their lives at times when they were clearly struggling.”

True health is freedom from any symptom that is limiting our life or who we really are.