Well, you’ve got to expect it at my age

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I’ve overheard this many times – in the street, at a shop, on the bus … an elderly person relates the story of their aches and pains, bladder problems, inability to get out of a chair, low mood… and all the appointments they have to go to and all the pills they are taking… and then they say:

“Well, you’ve got to expect it at my age”

It’s such a shame to me to hear people resigned to their pathology and symptoms impacting their life so negatively when homeopathic treatment can make such a difference.

Yes, getting older means the body’s vital energy gets weaker and the person experiences deeper pathology with more discomfort and difficulty in coping, but there is still room to maximise the potential of the person’s health. Homeopathy helps by stimulating that vital, healing energy which can then ease symptoms and bring a brighter outlook to life. That can make all the difference to living life to the full at whatever age you are.

I am always delighted when elderly patients regain some energy and a happier disposition. Despite treating the accumulation of a long lifetime’s symptoms, homeopathy can lead to very good improvements: people are often able to do things they were having difficulty with before, such as sewing, using a bus, seeing the television more clearly, wanting to go out and see family and friends…

Homeopathy takes into account the whole health picture and level of vitality of each individual so that treatment is as gentle and effective as possible.

I was happy to receive this testimony from an 82 year-old patient after treatment enabled him to continue making crafts – what he loves to do:

“As an 82 year-old, I consider myself to be very fortunate to be, generally, as robust and healthy as I am, still able to do demanding physical work around the home, lifting and carrying twenty kilos without too much strain. Until recently.

A few weeks ago, for no apparent reason that I was aware of, I became continually tired, needing to sleep many times every day. I was listless, despondent, withdrawn and irritable. Everything became an effort. All of this I explained to Cath.

The treatment she prescribed was quite miraculous in that, within days, I was back to “normal”, so much so, that my wife was prepared to talk to me!”

I would love to overhear people remarking that they are not feeling well and so they think it would be a good idea to visit their homeopath!

Animal Vegetable Mineral

A patient asked me how on earth I could find a very specific remedy for them out of the thousands that are available (success depends upon a remedy matching the whole symptom picture of the patient) and I thought it may be interesting to describe one of the many “maps” homeopaths use to narrow down to a remedy that is going to suit their patient.

It’s the New Year, how do you feel?

If you recognise that you are struggling with your health, that perhaps you can’t recover from a recent illness or overcome negative thoughts and feelings… then do think of homeopathy.

Stress – a matter of perception

Stress – a matter of perception

Stress affects us all and is arguably getting more intense for us as the world gets ever faster and more complicated. A person’s stress and their experience of it is at the core of the work homeopaths do to understand the individual and the deepest level of how they perceive their situation.

True health is freedom from any symptom that is limiting our life or who we really are.