It’s the New Year, how do you feel?


It’s the New Year, how do you feel?

If the answer isn’t “Great” then it may be because we have reached the time of year when people’s systems are simply being overwhelmed. The month of January is renowned for being difficult, and many people suffer with their emotional and mental health because of the lack of light. Others have already had a cold/flu/covid and might not have fully recovered. In addition, Christmas may have been very different from the happy scenes that are presented in the media and have stirred things up and set symptoms in motion. Add to that, we still have the cold, dark days of January to get through, the world we live in is difficult and brings constant bad news.

That all sounds very depressing and I know there is also the hopeful energy of a new start with intentions, plans and resolutions for the year ahead. It can also be a time of potential, change and improvement.

But if you are finding the gloom and struggle is preventing the hope and vision, it may be because the stress of the season and the level of your health is holding you back.

So often patients tell me that their symptoms started or got worse around the time of Christmas and New Year. Although it’s lovely to be with family and friends, it is also the perfect environment for tensions and old grievances to arise. Family dynamics can so easily trigger us and someone’s smallest remark can cause hurt, misery or a full-scale fall out.

The stress of a situation like this can put people into a state where symptoms start or this time of year can exacerbate existing conditions.

If you recognise that you are struggling with your health, that perhaps you can’t recover from a recent illness or overcome negative thoughts and feelings… then do think of homeopathy.

It is used to treat you, the whole person, stimulating your healing process and allowing your body to move through the symptoms you are stuck with.

I offer a free discovery call via my website if you would like to talk to me about how homeopathy may help you.


Stress – a matter of perception

Stress – a matter of perception

Stress affects us all and is arguably getting more intense for us as the world gets ever faster and more complicated. A person’s stress and their experience of it is at the core of the work homeopaths do to understand the individual and the deepest level of how they perceive their situation.

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Homeopathy for Mental Health

Homeopathy for Mental Health

Homeopathy is by its very nature holistic, and treatment stimulates the healing of every level of a person’s being.

True health is freedom from any symptom that is limiting our life or who we really are.