Homeopathy for Mental Health



Homeopathy is by its very nature holistic, and treatment stimulates the healing of every level of a person’s being.  Homeopaths routinely give the highest importance to the mental and emotional aspects of a person’s health.

Is your mental health affecting how you live your life?

Modern society is putting us under ever-increasing strain and the incidence and severity of mental disorders is also increasing, affecting people of any age. Happily, it is now acceptable to talk about our mental health issues and to seek help for them – an important first step.

Of course, there are degrees of how seriously people are affected by their mental states and you don’t have to be completely debilitated with anxiety, depression, phobias… to know that your life is, however, overly affected by your feelings and by how your mind is operating.

Perhaps your mental clarity is poor, you feel anxious when there is no good reason, you dislike something about your body, your thoughts are persistent and inappropriate, you feel and behave like a victim, you lack confidence in social situations… the list is endless. These may not be awarded a label of “mental illness” but they are very important indicators of mental health and truly cause suffering, affecting your actions and well-being every minute of every day.

Emotional and mental health is fundamental to our ability to live a meaningful and happy life. As human beings we need a baseline of knowing who we are in order to feel fulfilled, flexible and compassionate, able to make good relationships with others and contribute to family and community. Any symptoms that limit us impact the potential of our whole lives and draw us in towards ourselves, away from living our potential – it is so very important to notice when we need help and to restore our whole health.

How does homeopathy approach mental health problems?

Homeopathic remedies are designed to provide just the right amount of stimulation to the body’s healing mechanism, facilitating the whole organism to move out of deep illness naturally. Remedies are ultra-high dilutions of natural substances and so do not have the problems of side-effects that conventional drugs may do. Homeopathy also has the advantage that it can safely be used alongside conventional treatment.

The holistic methods of homeopathy make it highly suitable for treating mental symptoms:

  • the homeopath listens attentively to their patientsexperiences with the aim of understanding the whole person, their history, and the underlying causes of the problem.

  • Each person is treated and understood as an individual and given a prescription tailored specifically to their needs.

  • The consultation itself is a supported space for the patient to relate their problem, to explain and reflect – and this can be a temporary therapeutic relief in itself.

  • During the patient’s treatment the Homeopath spends an extensive period of time supporting and understanding their symptoms providing stability, empathy and continuity whilst enabling reflection and insight.

Another compelling reason to use homeopathy is that during homeopathic treatment for any condition, homeopaths expect to see early improvements in well-being – before any physical symptoms are affected – because the body restores the most important aspects of its health first. In addition, homeopaths necessarily take into account mental and emotional indications of health and are in a position to spot warning signs of deeper illness and prevent them developing.

A brief case illustration from my practice (with permission):  Rose came for help with the dark thoughts, fears and numbness of emotion that she has carried since childhood. It had affected her trust in all her relationships and choices in her life and these were only getting worse. She felt suicidal at times. She likened her life to being held deep underground, cruelly trapped alone, abandoned and unloved. Over a period of months, homeopathic treatment dissolved those deepest feelings and transformed them into a positive feeling of feeling free from the responsibilities that had enslaved her: light, joyful, mentally awake and acceptining balance into her life with gratitude.

All through her treatment, we worked together, talking through the changes that were happening, and making sure Rose was on track and coping. She remains very well.


If you or anyone in your family suffers with mental aspects of health, do get in touch with me to discuss how homeopathy may help you.

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True health is freedom from any symptom that is limiting our life or who we really are.