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Not the well-known guessing game, but certainly “detective” work for homeopaths.

A patient asked me how on earth I could find a very specific remedy for them out of the thousands that are available (success depends upon a remedy matching the whole symptom picture of the patient) and I thought it may be interesting to describe one of the many “maps” homeopaths use to narrow down to a remedy that is going to suit their patient.

A really nice map is Kingdoms: identifying qualities that might mean the person needs a remedy from the Animal, Plant or Mineral Kingdom.

Which Kingdom do you think that you may belong to?

A person needing an animal remedy may talk about themselves in terms of surviving, of being in competition against someone else, of feeling dominated by or superior to others. Being attractive, feeling a connection to a group and many other facets give clues to the animal kingdom. And then… is the animal an earthworm, a lion, a sea urchin, a bee, a snake…? There’s more work to be done! Sub-kingdoms all have further features and differences that help to pin-point a remedy.

But perhaps the Plant Kingdom is indicated. Plants are characterised by their sensitivity and reactivity: they will say “I am affected by… I am sensitive to… this hurts me… I can’t bear…” Their environment must be just right or they will suffer. People may be soft in nature, emotional, easily influenced, adaptable or irritable. Families of plants have characteristics that flag up what plant is needed. For example, there is pain and numbness in the Papaveraceae family, the sensation of constriction and becoming smaller in the Cactaceae family and so on. There are further sub-divisions to be considered too before a good match can be found.

And the Mineral kingdom? This is all about structure, whether that relates to identity, relationship, work, performance, responsibility… There is a lack within themselves that relate to one of these issues and means that they may not feel complete. They may present as organised and to the point. Homeopaths use the map of the Periodic Table to focus in on the area where the remedy may be found.

The Kingdoms are used by many homeopaths (not all) alongside other maps so that an individualised, ultra-diluted potency of the indicated remedy can be chosen to stimulate the symptom pattern of the patient.

Knowing a little of Nature’s characteristics as manifested in people is part of why I love homeopathy so much!

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It’s the New Year, how do you feel?

If you recognise that you are struggling with your health, that perhaps you can’t recover from a recent illness or overcome negative thoughts and feelings… then do think of homeopathy.

Stress – a matter of perception

Stress – a matter of perception

Stress affects us all and is arguably getting more intense for us as the world gets ever faster and more complicated. A person’s stress and their experience of it is at the core of the work homeopaths do to understand the individual and the deepest level of how they perceive their situation.

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