About Cath

I found my life’s passion back in the 1980’s when I was looking for an evening class in pottery. My eye was caught instead by a course in Natural Health. I went to it, was amazed and inspired and started to see a homeopath myself and to use homeopathy with my young children. I’ve been immersed in homeopathy all these years and have not needed to use conventional medicine. (PS I still love pottery!)

My 4-year training was at the School of Homeopathy with Misha Norland and other renowned teachers. It was a wonderful, full and unique experience where I learned just as much about myself as about the Art and Science of homeopathy and what others need in order to be healed. I graduated in 2005 and have been in continuous practice since then.

I take much joy in knowing that I am working with the body’s innate healing intelligence, which in turn is part of Nature’s incredible intelligence. In this way I am connected to the information, patterns, energies and beauty of the natural world, all of which are united in the study and practice of homeopathy.


Studying and Continued Professional Development add to my knowledge, incorporating new skills, methods and information into a foundation of classical homeopathy. I like to use Rajan Sankaran’s WISE process and Sensation method when appropriate in consultations which enables me to understand your inner pattern of health and disease at a deeper level.

I continue my connection with the School of Homeopathy as a Mentor on the Attendance Course. I also supervise students during their clinical practice.

I live and work in Topsham where I welcome people at my peaceful clinic. I am easy to talk to and care that people become well and have a good experience of using homeopathy.

My aim is always to help people achieve the best level of health possible.

Professional qualifications, membership and activities


Diploma of The School of Homeopathy 2005


Registered member of the Society of Homeopaths. I abide by the Society of Homeopath’s Code of Ethics and Practice.


I mentor student homeopaths from the School of Homeopathy.


I regularly attend seminars and courses for Continuing Professional Development, incorporating latest developments into my practice.

I meet regularly with colleagues for stimulating discussion and practitioner support.


“I have seen Cath a number of times over the last 9 months. My initial visit was in the late stages of pregnancy when I was experiencing a lot of discomfort due to carpal tunnel syndrome, particularly at night. This was vastly improved by a remedy, as was my sleep. Cath is an excellent listener and in her relaxed and attentive company I was able to discuss in detail all aspects of my health and wellbeing. Since my daughter was born I have visited Cath in person and been in touch via email and telephone, she is always available for advice, consultation and treatment; most notably when I was extremely ill after a caesarean section and after a telephone conversation with Cath and a remedy my condition improved dramatically, and quickly.

I find Cath’s gentle approach and deep respect for, and understanding of motherhood and children very reassuring. I feel incredibly well and my response to the remedy prescribed has had such a positive effect on my sleep, my busy mind, my physical well being including my energy levels and my confidence as a Mother. My daughter has also been treated by Cath with excellent results and I am very pleased to consider her our ‘family doctor’.”

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