Homeopathy is kind

Individualised, holistic medicine to support and restore your health naturally.

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I think of homeopathy as being kind for many reasons.


Homeopathy is Non-Toxic

For you, the patient, it follows Hippocrates’ philosophy of doing Least Harm, with medicines that are non-toxic and that work with your body’s intelligent design in promoting healing reactions.

It is kind in its action, stimulating healing from the inside-out to move symptoms towards improved, overall health.

It Treats the Whole Person

It treats the whole person with all their symptoms and therefore has a huge scope. It is as suitable for a simple bruise as it is for complex, long-standing illness. And it is particularly helpful for emotional and mental health.

Homeopathy as a complete system of medicine is there for you whenever you need it because your homeopath knows your whole health picture and can respond to your needs throughout your life.

Suitable for Everyone

Anyone can use homeopathy – from the newest baby to the very elderly. Because it can be tailored to suit the person, it is ideal for those with weak immunity or complex, chronic health conditions. Homeopathy can also be used to ease people’s experiences during times of stressful changes or transitions, for example when a child separates from their mother to start nursery or someone suffers a bereavement.

Kind to All

Homeopathy is not just kind to people, it is used to treat animals too. Importantly, it does not use animals in experiments – all new homeopathic medicines (remedies) are tested on people. And did you know that you can use homeopathy in agriculture and in the garden to treat plants?

Homeopathy is a truly natural system of medicine that arises from Nature herself and her natural Laws of healing. Homeopathy treads lightly on the Earth, avoiding exploiting her resources, damaging the environment or generating over-production.

Cath Sleigh DSH RSHom

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“Cath is an amazing and attentive listener. She practices in a non judgmental way; I felt at ease talking to her about all aspect of my life connected to my wellbeing. Cath really cares deeply about her patients getting the most out of homeopathy. She is knowledgeable and confident in terms of her knowledge of homeopathic remedies.
Having a homeopathic treatment with Cath has been life changing for me.
I originally went to Cath to address my post operation recovery, however, the constitutional remedy I was prescribed has done so much more than that! It’s worked beautifully at uncovering various layers of my psychology and restored them to balance and harmony in a gentle, non invasive way, without any side effects (that other drugs would give).

I’ve suffered from feeling excessive guilt for my whole life and finally, for the first time in my life, I’m feeling the right to be here, on this planet, and deserve the things that we all unconditionally deserve.

I’ve signed up my daughter with Cath too, to help her with her fears and anxieties. I’m slowly watching the effects homeopathy is having on my daughter and I am so excited to see the changes in her.”

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Animal Vegetable Mineral

A patient asked me how on earth I could find a very specific remedy for them out of the thousands that are available (success depends upon a remedy matching the whole symptom picture of the patient) and I thought it may be interesting to describe one of the many “maps” homeopaths use to narrow down to a remedy that is going to suit their patient.

It’s the New Year, how do you feel?

If you recognise that you are struggling with your health, that perhaps you can’t recover from a recent illness or overcome negative thoughts and feelings… then do think of homeopathy.

Stress – a matter of perception

Stress – a matter of perception

Stress affects us all and is arguably getting more intense for us as the world gets ever faster and more complicated. A person’s stress and their experience of it is at the core of the work homeopaths do to understand the individual and the deepest level of how they perceive their situation.

True health is freedom from any symptom that is limiting our life or who we really are.