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If you are struggling with your health I hope you will find the pages of my website helpful. I am an experienced, registered homeopath who works with people of all ages and health conditions with a special interest in emotional and mental health. I work closely with people in order to achieve good results, respecting their own knowledge and perspective and giving supportive and caring homeopathic treatment.

I offer face to face consultations at my clinic in Topsham, Devon, or via Zoom or WhatsApp locally and worldwide.

If you are travelling, Topsham Homeopathic Practice is easily reached from Exeter, Exmouth and the whole of the South West by train, bus or car.

You are welcome to call me free of charge if you would like to discuss your illness, ask questions about homeopathy or decide if I am the right practitioner for you.

Do you feel “stuck” with a long-term health problem and are struggling to get better?

Do you suffer from anxiety or depression?

Have you been told there is no treatment for your condition?

Would you like to use natural and holistic health solutions for your family?

Homeopathy is a system of medicine that supports your health naturally.

One of homeopathy’s great strengths is that it considers the whole person and not just their symptoms. It is tailored to the individual, taking into account emotions, physical and mental health as well as the strength of the person’s vitality to restore balance from the inside-out. Homeopathic remedies stimulate the body’s healing systems dynamically to bring about improved, overall health. It is suitable for everyone, including in pregnancy and for the very young and old. It’s also ideal for times when life brings challenges such as a loss or shock, starting school, in puberty or menopause…Homeopathy can be used alone or alongside conventional medicine. More

Cath with Penny
Cath Sleigh DSH RSHom

Some of the health issues brought to my practice.

Anxiety, depression, low confidence

Allergies, including hay fever

Arthritis, osteoarthritis

Children’s health and development

Chronic fatigue

Eating disorders


IBS and digestive problems

Inability to recover after illness



Menstrual problems


Men’s health


Eczema, psoriasis

Poor immunity

Recurrent infections

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Samuel Hahnemann, The Organon of Medicine, “Founder of Homeopathy”