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These are unedited statements from clients from my practice who have kindly commented on their experience of using homeopathy and of coming to see me.

“I have seen Cath a number of times over the last 9 months. My initial visit was in the late stages of pregnancy when I was experiencing a lot of discomfort due to carpal tunnel syndrome, particularly at night. This was vastly improved by a remedy, as was my sleep. Cath is an excellent listener and in her relaxed and attentive company I was able to discuss in detail all aspects of my health and wellbeing. Since my daughter was born I have visited Cath in person and been in touch via email and telephone, she is always available for advice, consultation and treatment; most notably when I was extremely ill after a caesarean section and after a telephone conversation with Cath and a remedy my condition improved dramatically, and quickly.  I find Cath’s gentle approach and deep respect for, and understanding of motherhood and children very reassuring. I feel incredibly well and my response to the remedy prescribed has had such a positive effect on my sleep, my busy mind, my physical well being including my energy levels and my confidence as a Mother. My daughter has also been treated by Cath with excellent results and I am very pleased to consider her our ‘family doctor’.
“I have been interested in homeopathy for many years and so have periodically taken both my children for treatment since they were small, to great effect. Cath Sleigh has been their homeopathic practitioner for the last 5-6 years. I am always delighted and amazed by the results, whether they are being treated for physical symptoms like hay fever and eczema, or symptoms on a more mental and emotional level.Cath has a very gentle and kindly approach with a real talent for discerning the right remedy, and I’m really grateful to have had Cath’s help to enable my children to make healthy transitions in their lives at times when they were clearly struggling.”
Mrs N A

“Since being treated by Cath, my health has improved noticeably and my general sense of well-being is greatly enhanced.  Cath provides an effective and excellent service.”
Mr K D
“I have come to understand how homeopathy connects with the whole person and not just a symptom. Cath is a thoughtful listener and provides professional support for good health and personal well-being. I have found that stressful situations, poor sleep patterns and anxiety have all been helped by Cath’s knowledge and commitment towards complete mental, emotional and physical health.”
Mrs L D
“Homeopathy is a blessing in my life since it gives me the strength and energy to surmonut many of the problems one has to face in life. I am fortunate indeed to be in the care of Cath Sleigh, a practitioner of exceptional skill and insight coupled with patience and sensitivity.”
Mrs S W
“I first tried homeopathy after having pneumonia, a stomach ulcer and losing my dad very suddenly. It all left me feeling very low anxious and vulnerable. I found after taking the remedy, it seemed to stir things up and give me a lot of dreams that seemed to relate to how I was feeling and dealing with things. I definitely felt stronger, calmer and more able to deal with things after a few sessions. I’ve also had great benefit from homeopathy to alleviate menopausal symptoms – especially hot flushes. I would highly recommend it!”
Mrs S B