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Many parents wish to use natural health solutions for their children: homeopathy is drug free, safe and used for a vast array of conditions and situations. Childhood is a wonderful time to lay the foundations of good health.

The Children’s Clinic is relaxed and friendly with toys and space to play. Parents have plenty of time to talk about every aspect of their child’s health and how the problem is affecting his or her life and the family as a whole. I look in as wide a context as possible.

Parents have sought help for their children from me for:

  • fears, anxiety, nightmares
  • recurrent infections
  • bed-wetting, incontinence, constipation
  • low confidence, bullying
  • skin conditions
  • sleep problems
  • eating disorders
  • problems with normal development

Whatever the problem, I seek to support the child’s whole health and development. As with adults, I recommend that children continue with homeopathy until they are completely well to avoid re-occurrence of illness, coming back for a “boost” when needed.

Acute illness

Childhood is naturally a time of contagious diseases where the young immune system gains practice and builds up resillience. Acute illnesses such as a cold, cough, fever, are those that the body normally deals with very effectively without help.

However, acutes are not always straightforward: symptoms may be severe or prolonged causing distress, or recovery may be incomplete. Homeopathic remedies are ideal in supporting the body to overcome acute illness. For example, doses of Belladonna given for a high fever can quickly move the illness on and bring down the temperature, restoring balance (this is different from suppressing the fever and not allowing it to complete its action).

I provide a telephone service for acute illness (for adults and children), sending a prescription and giving support when help is needed.

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If your child is under 12 please ask for my Low Cost Children’s Clinic!

I believe in the value of helping children make a good start in life – supporting their whole health and development. I keep a low cost for my Children’s Clinic to enable parents to bring their children whenever needed.

“Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease”