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Cath Sleigh - Topsham Homeopathy

Cath Sleigh DSH RSHom

My route to homeopathy began when I chose an evening class in natural health in the 1980’s.  At that time, I’d been suffering for a long while from debilitating lack of energy and depression and had no idea I could do anything about it.  Finding homeopathy – and a good homeopath – was transformative and empowering for me: not only did I become more energetic and happy, I learned how to take responsibility for my health and to understand why I had become ill.

I changed the way I thought about health and illness, used homeopathy at home and  trained to become a homeopath.

I trained at the School of Homeopathy with Misha Norland, graduating in 2005. The course was wonderfully inspiring as well as a thorough, demanding training. I continue to learn through my practice, attending seminars and being part of a practitioner group. I also mentor student homeopaths. I am passionate about homeopathy and using my skills to help others achieve best health.

I live with my husband in beautiful Topsham near Exeter and have grown-up children. I love to be by the estuary or walking on Dartmoor, in nature, where my thoughts turn to how humans used to live and the unspoiled landscape. I care deeply about all life on this planet and how humans treat each other and other animals. I decided to become vegetarian in 1981 and vegan in 1989 and believe that being so also contributes to my good health. I am always happy to share my knowledge of plant-based nutrition and bringing up children as vegans. In my practice I use remedies that do not contain lactose.

Professional qualifications, membership and activities

Diploma of The School of Homeopathy 2005

Member of the Society of Homeopaths whose register is accredited by the Professional Standards Authority.

I abide by the Society of Homeopath’s Code of Ethics and Practice.

I mentor student homeopaths from the School of Homeopathy and have been doing so since 2010

I am on the steering committee of South West Homeopathic Group who provides seminars, Continuing Professional Development and support for homeopaths.